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Bony started designing over 20 years ago, and back then Fine Jewelry was being purchased mostly for special occasion.  “I loved the idea I could create jewelry that was meaningful to someone else.”


The first piece he created for Nordstrom was a brooch and the line grew from there.

He first debuted his collection at Store 320, South Coast Plaza back in December of 1998 and has remained since.


His passion for the culture and the customer is the reason he remains exclusive to Nordstrom – stores and customers alike refer to him as their own personal jeweler. 


Bony has been instrumental in changing the vision of Fine Jewelry from occasion jewelry to everyday fashion.


Nordstrom’s #1 Fine Jewelry vendor nationwide!



-Create elegant ‘trend-setting’ fine jewelry that can be worn every day

-Continuously develop innovative designs and pieces that are fashion-forward

-Create meaningful, story-telling jewelry that is unique and personal

-Hand-produce world-class jewelry with high quality craftsmanship using the finest materials  and stones

-Provide excellent service based on trust and integrity, building ‘Customers for Life’

-Exceed customer-service expectations before, during, and after the sale

-Develop lasting, mutually-rewarding relationships with customers and Nordstrom employees 

-Offer unique, custom-made items, as well as adjustments and changes, that fulfill customer requests

-It is our business and passion to hold ourselves accountable both personally and professionally

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