Bony Levy is a modern fine jewelry brand exclusive to Nordstrom since 1998
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Bony Levy Spring 2021 Collection

Waist-up dressing is having a revival in the Zoom age and that’s perfect for jewelry lovers. Bony Levy jewelry, lapses time. It can capture the jewelry trends of the moment or be passed on for generations to come. And whether your taste in jewelry is traditional or trendy, our 2021’s spring collection is bound to make BFF status in your life.  

The Perfect Ear Stack

Getting the perfect ear stack is an art. At Bony Levy more is more when it comes to layering up! Studs, hoops, drops, and cuffs are all fair game to throw into the mix and make a fun addition to any ear party. Add our new Rita Dangling Diamond Ear cuff for a little extra sparkle!   

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The Perfect Gift

We don't need to tell you that a little sparkle goes a long way. Bony Levy has every type of gift in all price ranges, whether your on a budget, or going all out we guarantee you will find something that suits your jewelry needs. Shop for a loved one for a special occasion or get  yourself something shiny this season to brighten your day.


P.S: We love it when you show off your style with our jewelry!

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